growth hacking

Growth Hacking

growth hacking

Let me be clear that there is no Rocket science behind Growth Hacking, nor it’s a silver bullet that will skyrocket your business overnight into some next world.

Growth hacking is a Digital Marketing process where we capture data from various resources and make a system where we market a product to a specific client. We create a roadmap and time and action accordingly to reduce the expense and make the best out of the processes.

Growth Hacking in Digital Marketing involves trying different marketing strategies in order to quickly generate sales and convert leads.

Ideal growth hacking strategy should consist of more conversion and less work.

While there is no harm in trying out new things (in fact, this is the number one advice from all experts), businesses must focus on deploying tried-and-tested growth strategies. There is no single hack that resolves all pain points. Henceforth, don’t hesitate to practice with new growth hacking strategies.


Various techniques for Growth Hacking.

growth hacking


Find new and innovative social media platforms for your business.


We all know that Facebook and Google have the best online systems to target the customers and audience. The Google and Facebook ads can help you narrow down your demographics and interests across a wide audience.

Thanks to their wide reach and ubiquitous integration on other sites, they have the ability to track and narrow down your audience’s demographics and interests across a wide range of categories.

These are very competitive options and can cost you a lot in long run. So, while we advertise through Facebook and Google, we can embed our other social links also. So, there is no harm in approaching other social platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter.

While Facebook and Google will help direct the customers but the other social sites can give you a competitive edge. As there is other traffic which we may not get form google and Facebook as there are already old and seasons businesses.

Embed the pixels of other social media sites in your landing page and drive cold and relevant traffic from Facebook and retarget them in Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Reddit.

Create custom ads tailored to the platform’s preferences and target it to your very relevant custom audience.


Partner with another company to share audiences.


Another very effective way to amplify one’s initiative for growth hacking is partnering and collaborating with other brands.

The co-marketing technique of growth hacking is one of the best ways. It is generally a two-way traffic, where you collaborate and the buzz created helps you increase the traffic to your website globally. It helps you in news coverage with visibility etc.

So, find a right partner and collaborate so that u can amplify the magnitude of your growth hacking exponentially.


Freebees are a way for engagement.


People like a little extra or a freebee. So, why not lure them with the launch of your campaign. Give people discounts form your subscriber lists and may be those who have their anniversary or birthday etc. this extra perk can get them ecstatic about your launch.

So, for a greater engagement and for a small reward you can make it more engaging and that’s what we are looking for at the end of the day. So, for a preorder a little discount of 5% makes them more engaged with the product and increases the likelihood of them being the first to pre-order it when it’s live.

Just send an email, saying that those subscribers who have birthdays this month will get presents.

Another example of gifts that we do in giveaways offering subscribers add on, like “free engraving”. The cool thing about these gifts is that they still have to back your campaign to get it.

You get guaranteed backers, early success and build momentum.


Conduct A/B testing for better Approach.


The best way to know what works or what not is to test options. You never know how your customer might react to a certain campaign until you test against variations.

The best way is to test everything. Right form your website landing page to home page or even blog layout. Sometime your ads also provide like and dislikes. So don’t shy away from experimenting keeping the product and the customers in mind. So, a good profiling and excellent choice of proposal written and spoken goes a long way.

But just to remember don’t make too many changes or else you wouldn’t know what made the difference.

Learn about the user behavior from Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, Confetti reports, and List reports. When you have data in hand, your A/B tests become much more effective because you know what to test. Use Crazy Egg to set up A/B tests on your website.

Invite your audience to email you.


For the startups the most effective and promising way I believe is email marketing. It not only provides leads but conversions too.

A focused and exhaustive data of emails will allow you to reach your niche clientele with the right message. It makes it hyper with enough bells and whistles, that your launch is never left unnoticed.

This leads into acquisition of new clientele and traffic. So, a week prior email message sending process will help create enough buzz for you event and launch.


Offline connect through social Gatherings.


Face to face interaction is very important for a growth hacker. If you can shake few hands and put a smiling face to your conversation then you can put a face to a faceless company. Go out and reach your local community and interact.

In order to encourage growth and boost the traffic the face-to-face interaction with locals will add a potentially good traffic and you can have some very interactive clients too.

Launch your campaign and your business through these small niche local events. You will be amazed at the response as they can connect with you faster.


Interactive mode of Website.


Fading attention span and impatience is the reason why customer or a client leave a site. Keep your content interactive and they will not lurk or get overwhelmed in information.

The potential client with try to submerge in the content and would be transpired to do some participation. This participation leads to some action and action leads to growth.

From infographics and quizzes to calculators and animated video, people love interacting with content online.

For interactive content the best way is to higher freelancers to create the content. It so easy to find people form Sites like Upwork and Fiverr . These sites are populated by professionals who can create a very interactive content for your website.


Issue a challenge.


Sending out a social message and challenging people to not to apply but to join. Any social or environment related message can be used and there are people ready to jump into it.

Its is a very good way to keep the message amplified and have the clients resonate to it. The best way to keep audience boost your credibility and you can issue a challenge also.

So, be it a personal goal or a chartable cause or a creative endeavor. All can be made in to join the challenge rather then apply for a cause. So, the participation is impactful then just fill the form and join us campaign.

The trick here is to make it something that isn’t available to everyone.

Similarly, inspiring people to contribute to a charitable cause can help the charity while amplifying your voice. Getting involved in something you care about will naturally draw others to you.


Personality speaks oodles for your brand.


If you have a strong personality and you can steer an audience, then the brand value is pushed to a next level. People like Brian Chesky of AIRBNB, many of his fans and followers don’t even know he got his start more by his persona and then came the brand.

People love Brian Chesky because of his personality. No matter what medium he uses to communicate, he’s unabashedly himself.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s co-founder and CEO, has a dynamic personality, Chesky has unique insights on what it means to be a bold leader.

Guts, determination, perseverance and an ability to change allowed him to excel as Airbnb leadership grew in the market. Which let him to connect to millions of people.

Humility, values, and a collaborative approach similarly showcase his bold leadership talents. This attribute to its long term gains of some genuine audience. And that’s what we need for and exponential growth through Growth Hacking.

If you have a strong personality, use it to your advantage. Become the face of your brand, and inspire and help others.

Growth hacking often involves figuring out what you can do for others before you ask for a conversion or sale.


You can start your Growth Hacking in Digital Marketing now.


Are you ready to call yourself a growth marketer? Growth hacking doesn’t come easily or naturally to everyone.

Start with a list of the best growth hacks for your business. Use the list I provided above to give you a head start.

Once you have a few strategies mapped out, implement them fast. Don’t second-guess yourself. Act.


For exponential growth of your business.


Growth hacking is often confused with conversion marketing and lead generation. It’s actually much different.

A growth hacker doesn’t care about all the little metrics. He or she wants to cause exponential growth in the shortest possible time span.

Sometimes, that means throwing money at customers via advertising, giveaways, contests, and free gifts. On other occasions, grassroots incentives work better.

Only you know what’s best for your particular business. Try at least three of these growth hacking tips and get back to me on how they worked.

Growth has always been a challenge for many businesses. The real issue is that your market and target audience aren’t exposed to creative marketing campaigns on a regular basis.

In such a competitive environment, you can only grow your business by adopting these aforementioned growth hacking strategies.

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