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How to create highly targeted ad copies?

Creating an ad is daunting task, as we may we want to make sure that we do it right at first time only. So, while making Ads, it is apparent that one shall stay focused and be specific. So, How to create highly targeted ad copies?

Like Google ads there are many other portals and search engines as well as social media which provide the opportunity to create and post Ads so that you can increase traffic and sell your product or services etc.

Succusses of the Ad actually depend on the fact that it is written in such a way this it resonates with audience and has the spirit of your objective or agenda.

While making ad not only shall one targeted ad but shall make sure the parameters help you make it focused to your target audience. It shall help you stay focused rather spread thin on terms of the focused audience.

They are what Google uses to determine which ads appear on search results and where they show up. So, it’s crucial that you do keyword research before creating an ad. Find out what keywords people use when searching for products or services like yours, then incorporate them into your copy. You want your ads to appeal directly to your target audience in order for them to click on them.

These Ads can be an extremely effective lead and sales generation machine and the myriad of features, customization, and targeting options it offers is just one reason why we need to stay focused, specific and sorted.

Our focus shall be on lead generation to final sale and not just clicks. Your agenda is to generate sales; these search engines agenda is clicks. But remember success is also the very same thing that can limit the ROI.


Content of your Ad can help you to create highly targeted ad copies.

It is very important to creating audience specific content. Below are few indicators for ad makers to bear in mind while creating them.

Specific in your message.

When you are creating your ads, use keyword both long term and medium length. This will help search engine to list your ad easily and faster. But don’t forget to use negative keywords too as they also help you not to list with competitors.

Make Meaningful Headlines.

Make sure your headings are up to the point you are raising and description describes that point in one or two lines, as a whole they are the pillars of your ad.

Emojis can help to create highly targeted ad copies.

For a nonrobotic expression in your content use Emojis. Emojis make your conversation bit more human like and realistic as well as relatable. Audience relates more to this expression then the usual conversation.

Make a curious content, statistics and fill with images.

Manipulate them with your words and make them so curious, so that the only choice left with them is to click on CTA button and process further. Use eye catching images that grabs the attention of the user in a second. Use infographics and GIFs to make it visually interactive and satisfying. Numbers and Statistics grab more attention than the words and letters and they are specific to the point and always shows true output.

Call To Action Button in Your Ad can help to create highly targeted ad copies

Now the very next step after you have created the Ads, use a proper call to action button so that audience can initiate the right action that can lead to you just not traffic but a lead.

Now how shall we make sure that the Ad we are displaying has the right call to action button. For example, to ensure the performance of your ad on Facebook, ensure you are tracking the metrics that matter most. This will determine and help you increase performance, so you need to be clear about how you want it to prioritize results.

social media traffic

There are many more metrics that we can consider. Below is a list of some, time tested pointers. These metrics can help you gauge and track the performance.

  • Compare your CPC to your conversion rate to see how effectively you are spending money.
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM):  Aim for high impressions and low costs per thousand impressions to be efficient. Low impressions can mean your audience targeting is too narrow.
  • Advertisement frequency is the number of times your ad is shown in someone’s Facebook news feed. Monitoring your ad frequency is crucial.
  • Track the estimated amount of money you’ve spent on your campaigns, ad set or individual ad. This can show you if you’re staying within your budget, and which campaigns are the most cost-effective.
  • The estimated amount of money you’ve spent on your campaigns, ad set or individual ad. Calculated every hour and displayed in the Ads Manager for up to 21 days

Short and Cute Ad Ad can help to create highly targeted ad copies

Keep your Ad copy short, precise and to the point. If you stay focused the user will scan your ad first, if it will give the long and lengthy impression, user may find it boring and eventually don’t focus on your offering.

Ads Are client’s problem-solving voices

Make your ad copy in such a way that answers the problem of your audience, in short think like your audience, try to know their online objectives, analyze them and try to solve them.

A/B Testing Ad can help to create highly targeted ad copies

a/b testing

A/B testing your ad copy is a great way to remain active, and see which elements work best and with which elements your audience interacts more.

Ideally Creating just two ads per ad group or only one ad with two variations shall suffice and give u options to experiment and infer the best way out. If you want to boost your conversion rate and minimize costs, it is important to create several ad variations per ad group.

Two ads can have same content or headlines but it is important to create several ad variations and test them. This will help know which helps to convert the best. Once you have a winner ad, you can create variations and make best versions. And you can continue the split testing.

Segmentation of Audience can help to create highly targeted ad copies.

  • It’s easier to write generic ads and emails for every product, but that approach will likely result in lost customers and sales. By segmenting your audience using data, you’ll be able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time–which will boost the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and email marketing.
  • Use the CRM data if you have of your traffic and try analyze the customers. Accordingly design ads or emails. With targeted customers or audience, you can create the ad and email. Accordingly calls to action in ads and emails can boost you result many folds in lesser time.
  • Impact your audience! Segmenting your audience by interests, pain points, age, gender, etc. will increase leads and sales exponentially.

Conversion Testing can help to create highly targeted ad copies.

Optimize your conversion settings for a better translation of you traffic through social media ads. It is shocking to see how many ad campaigns are still set up without conversion testing in place.

Without this, you can’t say with any certainty how much it costs you to obtain a lead or sale from your campaigns, which keywords are driving sales which keywords are not…the list goes on.

Optimizing your Ads campaign for conversions is a sure-fire way to boost your ROI and make the most out of your dollar spent. When making you social media ads make sure to add every possible conversion action, based on actions people take on your platform.

Using Experiments in Ads can help to create highly targeted ad copies.

It’s like testing your ads before you run. What better way to know what works best for different landing pages, ad copies, keyword match types, keywords, and just about anything else.

For example, the Experiments feature of Google Ads is a hidden gem and a shame that more advertisers don’t use, it allows you run split tests to find a better working variable.

You can also decide on the specific amount of traffic you want to direct to each experiment, which means you can limit the risks and the potential for rewards are much higher.

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